Clean pans properly Part2

You should not wash in the dishwasher , as the sealing otherwise may also be damaged. It is even possible to dispense completely with water and detergent. It is sufficient to wipe out the pan after cooking with a kitchen towel to remove residue. If there are even some stubborn deposits in the pan, you can remove them with hot water, a little detergent and a soft sponge or a brush. Finally, the pan stow always dried thoroughly .

Quite different : cleaning stainless steel and cast iron pans

Particularly straightforward in the field of cleaning and maintenance are stainless steel pans. Since they very often do not have a sensitive non-stick coating , they can be added easily in the dishwasher. In addition, Branded using a steel sponge can be removed quickly and without much force. To do this you have to first soak the pan into rinsing water and let it rest for some time.

Cast iron and iron pans are the most expensive in the area of ​​cleaning and care. The former needs to be oiled after each flush to corrosion and thus to prevent the deterioration of Brateigenschaft . Before first use, these pans should be baked. Thereby, a thin layer, a patina that has a excellent natural non-stick coating is formed .

When iron pans you should completely renounce the cleaning with detergents. It is entirely sufficient to wipe out the pan after frying with a kitchen towel. Must then be applied as in the cast iron , a thin layer of oil to prevent the pan from corrosion.