Carpet cleaning with TapiGold

TapiGold special shampoo for carpet cleaning: Do you want your carpet to be clean after a long winter , a spring makeover treat with a carpet cleaning so that it is spotlessly clean again and you can enjoy it every day! In order your carpet to be clean and you to be healthy you get Tapigold by the company Jeikner.

This carpet cleaner cleans even sensitive fibers, the finest oriental rugs or Nepal and valuable artist carpets from wool, silk, fiber mixtures or with borders surround can be cleaned easily. This carpet cleaner is environmentally friendly and naturally without chemical damage.

Vacuum the rug or carpet before the carpet is cleaned well. Moisten the sisal brush with water. Then spray Tapigold by the company Jeikner on the bristles. For carpet cleaning heavily soiled carpet areas or traffic lanes You can also spray them directly.

Shampooing the carpet pile with and against the pile direction. Tapigold dries with the dissolved dirt from fine powder and if the carpet is completely dry it can be aspirated. The drying takes, depending on room temperature and carpet fiber , about 12-24 hours. Foot traffic are the cleaned surfaces after 3-4 hours . A clean carpet can be achieve through the use of Tapigold by the company Jeikner.